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Are you sure you are not being overcharged
for your property taxes?

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Depending on the neighborhood, an average of
one in three homeowners is improperly overcharged!
We often obtain MORE tax reductions
than homeowners who previously tried without us.


At Bell Law, we charge nothing,
not even court or appraisal  fees,
unless we are successful in lowering
your residential property taxes.
We've been successfully appealing property taxes for our clients  
for more than 16 years.


Attorney Joseph Bell
Bell Law


I'm attorney Joseph Bell,
and I'm committed to property tax fairness.

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In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, legal services
are provided by Bell Law,  
New Jersey & Pennsylvania Licensed Attorney
535 Route 38 East, Suite 110, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(800) 951-9004

In other states, Bell Law may refer you
to a qualified law firm that provides these services under the same terms.

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