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2008 Roomberg - Trommer Israel Trip


101 Things
We Did On Our Vacation

Draft 0.001.
Pictures and observations by Leon Roomberg
with extensive contributions from
Sue, Zach, and Jerry Roomberg.

More contributions from Judi Keller & Alvin Zeitz
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Trip Home Page

Trip Summary

Ten Lessons

Chronological Index

Other pictures and details

Trip Preparation and Criticisms





From August 5th through August 20th of 2008, the Roomberg and Trommer families joined with about 70 other people on an "Israel Bar Mitzvah" tour offered by Wendy and Robin Morse of Morse Tours (

The tour was exhilarating, exhausting, educational, inspiring, and comforting.  We strengthened existing friendships and made new ones.  We learned a lot and wished that we had prepared for some things a little differently.  This presentation serves as an album for our friends new and old. It also provides lessons and advice for others considering this trip.

This presentation has several levels that you might pursue depending on your interest in the topic.

Trip Summary:  
  A single page.

Chronological Index:
 This index of single-page topics enables you to skip to items of specific interest.  Almost every meal, hotel, and place visited is included.  The descriptions contain lessons learned from master tour guide Allan Marks. They also include independent readings that may or may not reflect Allan’s thoughts.

Other pictures and details:  
 Other trip documentation is linked from within those pages.    

Trip Preparation and Criticisms

Stuff to read before going on this trip to Israel:
 Tour evaluation and criticism:  Here is the good, the bad, and the weird.  It may help you make the best trip choice and adjust your expectations.





Cultural issues to use to prepare for the trip.

Getting to and from the airport.
 Limos vs. 1-way car rental vs. airport parking.

 Scooter observations:  
   Some notes from the perspective of someone with limitations on the amount of walking and stair climbing that can be tolerated.

 Internet, Blackberry, and cell phone
access while in Israel.

 The necessity for disposable waterproof watches for ALL tour members

 A “buddy system” for minors.

 Drinking water.

 What to pack.


[Disclaimers and related legal stuff: This publication includes original material as well as text taken from the tour guide itineraries and various web sites.  This and all related pages are personal recollections and interpretations.  You can be sure there are plenty of errors and omissions. For original material, all rights are reserved and reproduction without written permission is prohibited.  Every effort has been made to cite non-original sources.  Members of the tour group are welcome to download, print, and save all pictures they desire.  While fixing more than 2,000 photos is more work than I am willing to do, I will fix red eye and do cropping of specific pictures upon request and at no charge if you are willing to be patient.  Constructive feedback is welcome and I will use my judgment and time availability to determine what changes to make. My contact information can be found at]