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Ranking of Best Delaware Valley employment sites
(Area includes Trenton, Philly, Delaware, S. Jersey)
- last reviewed 2007 & updated 2009, 2011, with minor corrections in 2013
(Listed, then reviewed further down on this page:)

craig's list













theladders (not free - see below)                     LinkedIn  (a free networking tool - see below)

 The only job board worth paying for (and only if you don't get a job from another site within 60 days of starting your search):  

      "The Ladders" is a job board where you pay by the month or by the year to be connected to
      to many recruiters.  The recruiters are classified by geography and expertise.  Because you paid
      to be a ladders member, the recruiters know you are serious about finding a job as opposed to
      someone else who is just "window shopping."

     The Ladders geographic search capabilities, however, are terrible. (At least for someone living in Southern
     New Jersey.)  This means that for someone not willing to relocate, that the searches on this site will
     be cumbersome and return lots of jobs that don't really apply.

    But don't despair!  The positions that are posted are often of higher compensation than found elsewhere and
    so the effort worth the aggravation.

     If you need recruiter attention, then "The Ladders" is worth the fee.  If you are just casually looking
      for a position, don't waste your money or the time of the recruiters affiliated with the service.
      Besides, the free services below are terrific for most people's job-finding requirements.
A social network that you can use to find jobs:
     (There is an old saying in the career-advice industry, that the people you know can be a better job-finding
       resource than all the other approaches combined.  I don't know if I'd go that far, but "Linked In" is
       probably the best tool I've seen for people to help each other.)

Update 2/1/2009:

1. Over the last year, Craig's List has emerged as a major source of unique employment opportunities.  Some companies advertise there and nowhere else!

The best job boards as of 2007:

1. Career Builder  (Large inventory of positions-  incl. Phila. Inquirer & Courier Post)
    The best interface as of 3/10/2007!
    We promoted this from #5 to the top of the traditional free services due to their new features
    that present similar jobs to the ones you have applied to.  This reduces searching drudgery.)

2. Job (Many positions, good interface)

3. Hot  (Yahoo - many postings)

4. Philly Jobs   (advanced)  (Many positions.)           
    (However, the interface has not been updated in the last couple of years and the ability
      to precisely restrict geographic searches is bad enough that this site has dropped from #1 on
     the list in 2002 to the position it occupies today.

5.   (The biggest single independent job board)

6. DICE High Tech Jobs Online  (Many Positions)

7.Computer (Lots of Programmer & DBA positions)

8. Computer  (Many Positions)




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