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& of course, Amazon & Ebay








Ruggedized Notebooks





Itronix & Panasonic manufacture "ruggedized" notebooks for the military.  These devices are also suitable for construction and industrial applications. Caution: Inexpensive they are NOT.










COMPUTERS & Printers




StealDeals.net and Techbargains.com

These sites track day-to-day bargains on lots of shopping sites and which also list coupon codes that can augment the deals you find.


Comp USA

Usually the best service & technical employees.  Yes, as of 10/2009 they are back in business with Tiger Direct taking over the web site and a bunch of Southern and Western states having reopened stores.


Tiger Direct

Especially good for closeouts & restocked



When shopping at Dell, always check both the Home & Home Office and the Small Business sections. Prices for the same item often differ because independently operated business units manage these sections. Neither one consistently offers better deals, so when looking for specific items, check both areas periodically.  






Canon (Our favorite printers)




New Egg

 Good Tech Site, Excellent Shipping







GetToner.com  (Out of business.  We'll miss them.)



Pacific Ink

Discount Ink for your printer



The big 3 for office supplies:
Office Depot
         Office Max




 Software Deals





OEM: These three little letters, which stand for "original equipment manufacturer," can save you more than 50 percent on key software (see chart at left). Designed to accompany commercial systems, OEM editions have increasingly become available in stores such as Directron and Newegg. These stores are only supposed to sell OEM software with associated hardware--so for an operating system, you'd have to be buying parts for an entire PC. But most vendors let online stores sell OEM editions to anyone who buys a nonperipheral part--even a mouse, for example.

OEM software typically ships without a box, printed manuals, or the tech support you'd get with a retail version. But in return you save some serious coin.



    Amazon: 800/201-7575
    EBay: 800/322-9266

These customer support numbers are sometimes difficult to dig up.




 Escape from voicemail jail for many companies: https://www.quickbase.com/db/bam6rdiey?a=q&qid=5







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