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Media/Press Kit Author Bio
Leon Roomberg, MS, PMP, MDBA




Author Biography


Growing up prior to the popularization of the term “ADHD,” teachers classified Leon Roomberg as “trouble.”  He was the kid who couldn’t stay in his seat and couldn’t pay attention in class.


Symptoms of Ehlers Danlos, a genetic disorder, kept him on crutches or in bed for three years.  Reading, his one refuge, kept him busy for ten or twelve hours a day for that period.


In high school, he learned to walk stairs again. He focused on choir, acting, set building, playing the guitar, and Sigma Alpha Rho, a high school fraternity.  Rarely attending academic classes, he continued reading several hours each day.  Leon took a computer course, discovering he enjoyed working with the Fortran programming language.


In December 1976, he dropped out of high school to both work full time and attend college early.  For two years, he performed time studies in a Hygrade Food’s Philadelphia factory.  There, he learned the value of examining every small detail of a process.


He then worked as an Industrial Engineer at the Wheaton Glass factory where he excelled, promoted to supervising a dozen engineering interns from Drexel University.  It was at Wheaton where Leon worked on an Apple II, his first personal computer, and data entry and bar code scanning devices from Intermec, Symbol Technologies, and Telxon. Leon fell in love with spreadsheets and the BASIC, Assembler, and FORTH programming languages.


Due to financial challenges, he attended six different colleges intermittently. He earned Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Bridgeport, certifications in Project Management and Database Administration, then attended doctoral courses at three different colleges.  He also attended 300 hours of trade-school courses in Networking and Unix Administration.


Leon has four decades of technical, managerial, and executive experience, serving companies large and small. Over the years, he founded multiple small businesses.  He has hired more than a hundred people in both intern and professional roles. He has mentored more than a dozen of them.  He also maintained a non-profit counseling practice for many years.


His employers and clients have included Dun & Bradstreet, Fuji Medical Systems, Sony, GEICO, The US Army, The FBI, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, ABC Television, American List Counsel, BDP International, Independence, Blue Cross, Neat Company, Radian Group, Mark System, and Frasier Paper.


Leon now lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his wife and love of his life, Susan.  They have four grown children, two son-in-laws, three grandchildren, and two Bedlington Terriers.  (Bedlingtons are the best breed of the known universe.)


It was during the more than two dozen father-son college tours that the ideas for his book, “The STEM Student Survival Guide,” took form.


Teachers still think he is “trouble.”



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