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Leon Roomberg, MS, PMP, MDBA
Author, “The STEM Student Survival Guide
304 Garwood Place
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Request for Interviews and Book Reviews


Colleges across the country are abusing and unnecessarily “failing out” half of their students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  As an expert on STEM education, I not only present evidence of this widespread abuse, I give students the skills to succeed despite the challenges of our corrupt collegiate system.  Interviews with me and reviews of my book serve to help the population of parents and students who are stressed when their financial aid is lost, debt balloons, and career expectations are crushed.


The book guides high school students and their parents in their selection of college, program, and novel scheduling approaches that increase their odds of academic success. The book then guides college students in better approaches to tutoring, studying, and balancing social, athletic, and academic activities. 


Often, the advice will initially be too revolutionary at first glance.  But it will help students and their families recover once they run into the unexpected challenges of teachers who fail half of their students and award scholarship-killing grades to half of those who remain.


The idea to write the book first came about during the more than two dozen father-son tours of various colleges.  During these adventures, I noted the differences between what college administrators claimed in their presentations and what the student tour-guides later explained.


What ensued was seven years of interviews with teachers, administrators, and students, and much research into sources that could confirm the problems and then suggest how any given student could succeed despite the unfair challenges.


For you to be part of the solution, I am requesting to be interviewed where possible, and for my book to be publicly reviewed as well.


My mission is to help increase the number of healthy, happy, and successful STEM graduates.  Call me to help with this undertaking.




Leon Roomberg, MS, PMP, MDBA



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