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  PHP Recommended Editors

Zend is the company who created and now maintains the PHP language.  Their products include both "Standard" ($99) and "Professional" ($399) versions of Zend Studio, an Integrated Development Environment.

This platform seems to be the one that the others (listed below) are trying to imitate and then improve on.

PHPEclipse   http://phpeclipse.sourceforge.net is the open source community's effort at adding PHP development capabilities to the multi-language open source Eclipse platform. http://www.eclipse.org/

Installation notes.(Don't try the install without reading this first.)

Zend has also announced that they will independently contribute to the Eclipse platform through their own plug-in, but this is new enough to still be called bleeding edge.

As Eclipse is already in wide use by other communities (JAVA, Perl, Ruby, etc.,) there is a comfort level with this environment by the Eclipse community.  

A review of many articles seems to agree that Zend is strong in initial code debugging, but that the richness of PHPEclipse's templates and enterprise-level features make it the large-application choice, especially when used by veteran of Eclipse for other languages.  (Some reviewers claim to have frequent problems with PHPEclispe bugs and crashes.)

While other products have individual fans), the giants in this arena continue to be Zend Studio and PHPEclipse.

Site that reviews a wide variety of PHP Editors: php-editors.com

On that site, rated free editors:

  • 1. PHP Edit. (home site) $113
  • 2. PHP designer (highly praised)
    • PHP designer 2007 comes in a free "personal" version (features here) and a paid "professional" version ($69).  The "personal" version appears to be more than a basic syntax checker.  More info here. (And see below.)
    • PHP Designer 2006 can be found here.
      • PHP Designer 2006 is an editing environment, specialized for PHP coders. It offers syntax highlighting and an extended code library for PHP, HTML and SQL as well as file browser, built-in FTP, project support and more. The strongest feature is the large number of ready-to-insert functions, that are available for database queries, FTP, file system and many other uses, as well as a full library of PHP resources. A built-in Task Manager allows you to maintain a Todo list of scripts that you are working on. Even though it lacks support for execution and preview of PHP scripts Unless you have Apache installed), the program provides a comfortable environment with many time saving features.
    • Maguma Workbench (euro 83)
    • SciTE (home) Free and richly featured.
    • jEdit - Mature, richly featured editor.  PHP Parser may or may not be a Linux-only plugin.


EditPlus (description) $30
VIM  http://www.vim.org/
PHP Edit  www.phpedit.net
winsyntax  http://www.winsyntax.com
Syn    http://syn.sourceforge.net/
(but can't record macros)
TextPad (shareware). (Fewer features than Syn, but includes macros)
PHPECLIPSE   http://phpeclipse.sourceforge.net
WebStudio for Eclipse   http://www.xored.com/products.php
EditPHP  http://www.skynet.ca/~pierre/
      (edit & test code from within your browser.)
Quanta Plus  http://quanta.kdewebdev.org/ Runs under KDE
DevPHP http://devphp.sourceforge.net/  (Appears new, few reviews.)

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